Interfaith News

We are starting conversations with our local mosque n and here is a write up on our first two events by the chair of the Hamza Mosque here in Todmorden.

Anyone for Tea


On Saturday the 9th of September 2017, there was a hive of activity during the afternoon at St. Mary’s Church in Todmorden Town centre. Muslims from the community of Todmorden came together over tea and cake with other faith and non-faith groups to celebrate diversity and commonality of humanity. Over 80 people came to meet and greet each other in the spectacular surroundings of St Marys Church. It was a great opportunity to hear about different cultures religions and more importantly what it is like living in Todmorden.

Homemade cake, cookies and pastries were served with piping hot coffee and tea, whilst members of the community mingled, chatted and shared experiences. The event was brought together with the assistance of Calderdale Council, Interfaith Council and volunteers from the Todmorden community. It was about encouraging dialogue within wider community groups breaking down barriers and dispelling myths.
On Saturday 30th September the great hospitality of St Marys Church was reciprocated by Hamza Mosque in Todmorden. This time local residents, the Mayor and deputy Lord Lieutenant were invited to the Mosque to hear about life as a Muslim in Todmorden. A short Tour of the Mosque was followed by food made by families in the Muslim Community. It was a great opportunity for residents to ask questions about Islam, raise issues around their concerns and more importantly gain a true understanding of the importance of cohesive communities.interfaith2


The president of the Mosque Nadeem Mir QPM said, “We are currently in unprecedented times, where everyone is living life in the fast lane, we rarely have time to meet our neighbours never mind residents from different backgrounds and faith. Events like this are so important if we want harmony and cohesion within communities. I was so pleased to see both young and old from all backgrounds engaged in conversations, all of us celebrating things we had in common and yet not being frightened of challenging the misinformation sometimes highlighted in the press and media.”


Mark Johnston – A lay minister in the Anglican church in Todmorden added , it was two wonderful afternoons  and and we all were overwhelmed by the numbers who attended both events.  A special thanks to Pat Dale, Nadeem Mir and  Sail Sulemain from CMBC who organised these two special events.  I am really looking forward to what happens next.