The SCARECROWS are coming!!

If you go down to Walsden on the weekend of September  29th and 30th, you can be sure a few surprises!!

The Annual scarecrow festival has expanded to two days and our lovely village will be full of scarecrows  all over the place.

St Peter’s Church team have organised the event  and the church  will open for refreshments and a craft fair too, all weekend!

All Change

This Sunday 25th August we say good bye to our  well liked interim priest in charge.  The entire benefice will join together at St Mary’s  in Todmorden for his last service at 10:30.   The Service will be followed by a Jacobs join ( bring and share lunch)

Our new Priest will be licensed on Wednesday the 11th September at a service  at St Mary’s,  more to follow!




Looking Forward!

As the summer holidays arrive and we wish  all the pupils in our school  a good break and all the best to those who are moving school or going on to jobs or university, we have some news !

On  September 11th  we will be welcoming Rev John Jukes as  our new full time priest-in-charge.    We are are going yo be welcoming Rev John Bell of the Iona community at the beginning of November for a weekend,

Rev Martin Parrot  who has been our part time interim Priest in Charge is leaving and we will be saying goodbye to  him on the 25th August at a joint service at St Marys on that day.

It is all go at the moment  !!   I  think I need a holiday !!



Easter’s Been and Gone !

The really busy  time of the year has  flown by  and suddenly  we  are in  the new sunlit uplands  of the time between Easter and  Pentecost!

This  Sunday coming  ( 5th May )  we have some more exciting stuff happening.  A  folk  Communion at St Mary’s and  a Cafe Church at St Peter’s – two very different ways to worship and  meet with God both happening at 10:30 so sadly you cant go to both, for the traditionalists there is a our Monthly Evensong at St Mary’s in the evening at 6:30.

I was wondering over Easter why  it is that the English word  for  Resurrection  Sunday is unlike nearly all other European languages. For some reason we use the name of a the Saxon spring goddess (Eostre)  where are everyone else  uses a word  like  Pasg (welsh) or Pasque (french), which in turn echo the Hebrew for Passover (pesach).      I think its a shame in some ways,  but in another it speaks of the universal appeal  of the festival,  Saxon names remain in  English  for  the  real things  – eg  sheep and cow  – Norman french  gives us the words for  Mutton and Beef,  the posh expensive  things.   So perhaps  using Easter means that this is  for all of us and that the hope and joy  of Jesus rising from the dead as the firstborn promise  for us all speaks to all humanity.





March – Already!!

It is –   and this week sees the start of Lent!

It is a good time  lent as it gives us time to prepare for Easter, by taking up something good or giving up something bad.   There are sorts of things we can do.

We can remember to pray more often, perhaps  to give more to charity, go to a weekly bible study.   It is import to do something though because then we will remember we are looking forward to a big event –  Easter!

We are  are doing something again this year we did a few  years back.  In the week before Easter on the Thursday – Maundy Thursday we are having a special meal that attempts the recreate feel of the last supper and we will be holding this at St Peters

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