The Holidays are over – Already!!

Well its true!  The schools are back,  reception classes are taking little ones into school for the first time.  University student are planning their returns or the first time away from home.  Our prayers are with them all and all their teachers.

We are starting to gear up for what is the busiest time of the,  autumn always brings  lots of events.   This year we will mark 100 years since the end of World War I,  which hopefully will be a time to reflect on the human cost of war.  I was shocked to learn of those  troops who were ordered by their officers into battle on the 11th November 1918,  made to fight right up to 11 o’clock,  most others were allowed to breathe a sigh of relief and to wait safe in their trenches.

My granddad served through the whole of the war in The 14/15th battalion of the Suffolks,  they saw active service in the middle east,  they were at Gallipoli ,  Suez and Palestine,  a very different war to the more familiar picture of the devastated  mud bath of France.  It truly was a war that affected most of our world.

We pray that this years special commemoration will truly be a time to reflect on the lessons to be learned from our human history and to try and not to repeat those mistakes again  as we give thanks for sacrifice of those people like my Granddad,   who came back different people  and of course for those who did not come back.

Mark Johnston

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